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Celebrating Women in Fusion: Launch of Mentoring Program

EUROfusion celebrates International Women's Day and supports the launch of the new Mentoring Program set up by Women in Fusion.

At EUROfusion, we are proud to be part of Women in Fusion’s new Mentoring Program, which launched today and that will provide valuable support to women seeking to develop in fusion energy and fusion science.

Kinga Gál, who is part of the Mentoring Team setting up and running the new Mentoring Program, understands the importance of such initiatives. She says, “I am happy to have worked on the new mentoring program and contribute to Women in Fusion. It is crucial to provide support to women who want to grow in STEM fields, and mentoring is an excellent opportunity to do this.”

Women bring unique perspectives and diversity to research, which benefits everyone. Gender bias in science slows down progress, and it is imperative to eliminate inequalities and discrimination that women face in the field. Women in Fusion is dedicated to facilitating the professional growth of women in fusion energy and fusion science by developing mechanisms to support women worldwide.

Today is also Women in Fusion’s first anniversary. In their first year, they have defined their strategic aims and worked out an action plan. The Mentoring Program is the first of a series of initiatives aimed at supporting women in the field. We applaud their efforts.

Credit: Women in Fusion

Read more about the mentoring program.

At EUROfusion, we have a tradition of giving our female colleagues flowers and thanking them for their contributions on International Women’s Day. It is a small gesture, but it recognizes the vital role that women play in our organization and in the field of fusion energy and science.

On this International Women’s Day, let us renew our commitment to promoting gender equality and supporting women in STEM fields. Together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse future for fusion energy and science.

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