JET: The Heartbeat of European Fusion Collaboration for Four Decades

Interior of JET with its new ITER-like wall of tungsten and beryllium; credit: UKAEA

The Legacy of JET: Marking the End of an Era

The Joint European Torus (JET), the heart of global fusion research at the UKAEA campus in Culham, UK, has concluded its operational journey with pulse number 105,842 on 18 December 2023. This final pulse marks a significant milestone, coming over four decades after JET’s inception. Managed by EUROfusion and supported by a vast network of over 31 European laboratories, JET has been instrumental in advancing fusion energy research, laying the groundwork for ITER and future fusion power plants through its innovative deuterium-tritium (D-T) experiments.

Since its inception, JET has been instrumental in training and education of several generations of fusion scientists and engineers not only in Europe but also internationally. It has provided a hub for exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise and a true heartbeat to a vast network of collaborative efforts on a global scale.

DTE3 Campaign and Beyond

The DTE3 campaign represented JET’s final foray into D-T research, focusing on plasma science, materials science, and neutronics, to pave the way for the ITER project and future fusion endeavours. As JET transitions to decommissioning and repurposing in early 2024, its legacy will continue to inspire the fusion community, shaping the future of sustainable energy.