Consortium Members

To realise fusion, the EUROfusion consortium brings together 4800 researchers, staff and students from its 28 member institutes, 3 associated partners, and 162 affiliated entities from across Europe. Together these researchers have set up a focused research programme guided by the European Roadmap to Fusion Energy. This fusion R&D roadmap is the most comprehensive one in the world and lays out the scientific and technological challenges on the path to realise fusion energy.

ÖAW (Austria)

IPP.CR (Czech Republic)

IPP (Germany)

UiT (Norway)

KIT (Germany)

FZJ (Germany)

DIFFER (The Netherlands)


VTT (Finland)

VR (Sweden)

UT (Estonia)

ISSP-UL (Latvia)

LEI (Lithuania)

DTU (Denmark)

DCU (Ireland)


CU (Slovakia)

KIPT (Ukraine)

EPFL (Switzerland)

JSI (Slovenia)

RBI (Croatia)

IST/IPFN (Portugal)

CIEMAT (Spain)

ENEA (Italy)

INRE (Bulgaria)

UM (Malta)

Demokritos (Greece)

CEA (France)

ifa (Romania)

HUN-REN (Hungary)

IFPiLM (Poland)