Swiss Plasma Center (SPC)


The Swiss Plasma Center (SPC) aims at making ITER a success, at developing the science and technology basis of DEMO, at preparing the next generations of fusion scientists and engineers, and at exploiting plasma and fusion spinoffs for industry and society.

For this purpose, SPC operates the TCV tokamak, a medium size tokamak designed to produce a wide variety of plasma configurations and shapes. It can also count on its heating capabilities which include a versatile ECH (electron cyclotron heating) system, with several micro-wave sources and steerable launchers, and high power Neutral Beam Injectors.

SPC also operates a set of smaller devices aimed at addressing key points of basic plasma physics such as turbulence.

In parallel, SPC has an important theory group which develops codes, in particular to simulate plasmas directly from the first principles.

Its direct contribution to ITER and DEMO lies in the design of the ECH heating systems and in the testing and development of superconducting cables working either at low or high temperature.


EPFL is Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university. It welcomes students, professors and collaborators of more than 120 nationalities. EPFL has both a Swiss and international vocation and focuses on three missions: teaching, research and innovation. The EPFL Swiss Plasma Center is Switzerland’s research centre for fusion energy.

Over 17,000 students and employees make EPFL a bustling, dynamic campus. Its Swiss Plasma Center has 190 employees including ~40 PhDs and ~30 post-docs.

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