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The EUROfusion consortium structure

Currently, 31 research organisations, and behind them about 162 affiliated entities including universities and companies, from 26 European Union member states plus the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway are members of the consortium. The EUROfusion decisions are taken by the General Assembly, the ultimate decision-making body made up of representatives from all Research Units.

The Bureau prepares the meetings of the General Assembly. The Coordinator acts as the intermediary between the Beneficiaries and the European Commission. The Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) are members elected by the General Assembly. Diagram by Tony Donné of DIFFER. Used with permission.


Ambrogio Fasoli, Programme Manager

Sibylle Günter, Coordinator

Radomir Panek, Chair General Assembly

Department Heads

Volker Naulin, Fusion Science

Gianfranco Federici, Fusion Technology

Emilia Genangeli, Administration

Heads of Office and DEMO Central Team

Fabio Vinagre, Information Management & Support Office

Karl Tischler, Communications Office

Hartmut Zohm, DEMO Central Team, © IPP