Research at JET

The remote handling control room at JET. Photographer: Christopher Roux (CEA-IRFM); Credit: EUROfusion Consortium

Exploring Fusion Frontiers at JET

Since 1983, JET has been pivotal in exploring plasma behaviour and testing technologies for ITER. Notable enhancements, including the ITER-like wall, have enabled JET to closely simulate the conditions expected in ITER, aiding in crucial decisions like the adoption of a tungsten divertor. JET’s efforts in ELM mitigation have provided valuable insights into managing plasma instabilities.

The Culmination of D-T Research

The DTE3 campaign, JET’s conclusive D-T exploration, has bolstered our understanding of fusion’s potential, directly supporting the preparatory phases for ITER’s future experiments. This final campaign underscores JET’s unique position in the fusion research landscape.

Embarking on a New Chapter

With operations ceasing in December 2023, JET’s focus shifts towards decommissioning and repurposing, marking a new phase in its storied legacy. This transition opens avenues for extracting valuable lessons on the lifecycle management of fusion facilities, ensuring JET’s contributions will endure, informing future fusion research and ITER’s journey.