University of Malta (UM)

L-Università ta’ Malta is the highest education institution in Malta, with its structures being in line with the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education area. UM has a 400-year history and there are some 11,300 students, including around 1,500 international students from 127 different countries and 600 visiting overseas students, following full-time or part-time degree and diploma courses.

UM is comprised of 14 Faculties and several interdisciplinary Institutes and Centres. UM employs a total of 2,848 employees including academics, PhD’s postdocs, administrative, technical and industrial staff.

During 2020 UM become part of the Eurofusion Consortium. The Department of Mechanical Engineering within UM coordinates the University’s fusion energy related work for the Eurofusion consortium. The Department is involved in the structural integrity assessment of DEMO in vessel components. Research work in structural integrity is focused on computational methods for limit load analysis, elastic shakedown loads, buckling loads, high and low cycle fatigue, high temperature creep and thermo-mechanical analysis.