FinnFusion Consortium (FinnFusion)

The members of the FinnFusion Consortium are VTT (coordinator), Aalto University, CSC, Fortum, LUT University, Tampere University, University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University. FinnFusion scientists are staffing several key roles in the scientific programs of JET and other experimental EUROfusion devices. To support experiments with the highest level modelling, Helsinki Advanced Computing Hub was launched in 2021. The Hub provides fusion modelling with artificial intelligence, big data handling, as well as expertise in fusion and computational physics, backed up by 500 specialists in the same location, at the Kumpula Campus.

FinnFusion puts efforts in activating industry, which is vital as fusion is moving from research to proving the concepts. FinnFusion contributes strongly to the development of fusion technologies, e.g. remote maintenance systems for DEMO, specifically robotics as well as virtual and augmented reality. Efficient maintenance maximises the overall plant availability, and therefore, minimises the plant downtime during foreseen maintenance operations. Other strong development areas of fusion technology in Finland are materials for extreme environments and technology transfer from nuclear industry.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT)

VTT, the formal Finnish member of EUROfusion, coordinates the FinnFusion Consortium.

VTT is a Finnish, fully state-owned non-profit company. The special duty of VTT as an independent and impartial research centre is to promote the wide-ranging utilisation and commercialisation of research and technology in commerce and society. All of VTT’s research is aiming at developing systemic and technologic solutions to global challenges.

About 100 of VTT’s staff are working in fusion projects. In total, VTT has about 2,100 employees from 51 different nationalities.