HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research (HUN-REN EK-CER) (temporarily unavailable)

Fusion research at HUN-REN EK-CER extends from the study of basic plasma physics phenomena like plasma turbulence, pellet-plasma interaction, and beam-plasma interaction to the design and construction of subsystems for fusion devices. Equipment built by the institute operate on JET, Wendelstein 7-X, ASDEX Upgrade, KSTAR, EAST, MAST Upgrade, and JT-60SA. Engineering design activities aim at developing ITER components (Shattered Pellet Injector, diagnostic elements) and elements of the Demo Oriented Early Neutron Source DONES. For the European DEMO fusion reactor, conceptual design of remote handling components and solutions and optical diagnostics are being developed.

About 40 people are working in fusion research at HUN-REN EK-CER including researchers, engineers, and technicians.

The research area of the laboratories is the advancement of controlled fusion energy production: developing and building plasma diagnostic and technology systems, performing and evaluating measurements on the world’s largest operational fusion experimental devices, and developing elements for ITER and the European fusion DEMO demonstration power plant.

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