Institute of Atomic Physics (ifa)

The Institute for Atomic Physics (IAP) is the Romanian signatory of the EUROfusion agreement, ensuring the management and coordination of four research institutes and three universities contributing to EUROfusion.

The Romanian participation in EUROfusion unites around 80 researches from various fields (physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering) and technicians. Annually, around 15 PhD candidates join the work on EUROfusion projects.

The National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics Magurele NILPRP is the main contributor, covering a wide palette of topics: plasma modelling (transport due to the plasma turbulence, analytical and numerical description of the resistive wall modes, evolution of the neoclassical tearing modes instabilities), manufacturing and investigation of the performances of first wall coatings and nano-dust formation, X-ray imaging methods (tomography, fluorescence mapping) for 3D modelling of DEMO superconductors, plasma diagnostic methods (gamma, neutron and HXR (hard x-ray) tomography, bolometry, causality assessment of plasma processes, development of real-time disruption predictors).

The National Institute for Materials Magurele (INFIM) is contributing to high heat flux materials processing and characterization.

ICIT is involved in the design and manufacturing of components for the breading blanket project.

The National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Engineering Magurele (IFIN-HH) provides nuclear data evaluation for fusion applications and nuclear model codes.