Institute of Plasma Physics (IPP)

Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (KIPT)

The Institute of Plasma Physics of the National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology is the largest fusion laboratory in Ukraine. IPP conducts fundamental research through fusion experiments and plasma theory development. IPP also exploits stellarator plasma machines and quasi-stationary plasma accelerators for experiments.

IPP has 3 research divisions on stellarators, plasmа dynamics and plasma theory. 135 researchers, engineers, technicians and PhD students work for IPP’s research on plasma physics and plasma engineering.

IPP (KIPT) is the EUROfusion programme manager of the Ukrainian research unit, including 6 research entities. IPP fusion infrastructure is equipped with the stellarators Uragan-2M and Uragan-3M and plasma accelerators QSPA Kh-50 and QSPA-M, as well as with coating deposition facilities and relevant diagnostics. Uragan-2M is one of the stellarators providing experimental data to the EUROfusion programme.

QSPA Kh-50 and QSPA-M are involved in investigations of plasma wall materials in a fusion environment. QSPA Kh-50 is the largest and most powerful device among quasi-stationary plasma accelerators. The facility has been used for simulation experiments which reproduce the conditions of transient events (disruptions, VDE and ELMs) relevant to fusion reactors.

QSPA-M allows researchers to study magnetized plasma transport in an increasing external magnetic field, and plasma impact on surfaces. The main tasks of QSPA-M are PSI simulation experiments in a wide range of initial conditions, and experimental study of energy transfer from a plasma stream to the surface of a target material.

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