Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión – CIEMAT (LNF – CIEMAT)

LNF – CIEMAT is the Spanish partner of the EUROfusion consortium. In addition to its own research in Fusion Science and Technology, LNF – CIEMAT coordinates the overall Spanish effort in Fusion Research by means of an extensive network of Associated Entities (universities, R&D centres and industries) within EUROfusion.

The group is presentely formed by around 150 people including physicists, enginners, technicians and PhD students. Within the overall staff, approximately 40% of PhD students are foreign nationals.

LNF – CIEMAT operates the TJ-II stellarator supporting the European stellarator programme and Fusion Technology facilities on materials and reactor technologies. Research at LNF – CIEMAT also includes a strong programme on plasma theory and simulation, with emphasis on plasma transport and stellarator optimization.

The LNF – CIEMAT technology programme has been expanded with the Liquid Metals Laboratory to validate tritium extraction techniques and to evaluate corrosion in materials. It will be accompanied by new facilities, such as a double ion beam, to study irradiated materials and support the IFMIF-DONES programme. LNF – CIEMAT also address power exhaust physics by means of liquid metals.

International projects with LNF–CIEMAT involvement includes JET tokamak, W7X stellarator, ITER and DEMO. LNF–CIEMAT is a leading player in the ‘Broader Approach’ agreement between EU and Japan, as well as projects included in the ESFRI roadmap: the International Fusion Material Irradiation Facility (IFMIF and DONES) and JT-60SA tokamak.

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