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EUROfusion condemns war in Ukraine and initiates measures

Following European Commission guidelines, EUROfusion implements restrictive measures and sanctions against organisations in Russia and Belarus.

The European consortium for fusion research EUROfusion is shocked by the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Reports out of Ukraine show a ruthless war being perpetrated by an aggressive foreign power.

At EUROfusion, we condemn these acts of aggression. We sympathize with all Ukrainians and express our solidarity with them. Our thoughts go out in particular to our EUROfusion colleagues in Ukraine, to our Ukrainian staff and to colleagues with family and friends in Ukraine.

Following the condemnation of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine by the European Council on 24 February 2022, the European Commission is working to develop restrictive measures and sanctions, many of which have already been implemented.

As a consortium co-funded through a Grant by the Commission, EUROfusion will naturally adhere to these policy lines as well as those to follow in the future. EUROfusion suspends with immediate effect any ongoing or planned engagement with representatives of Russian and Belarussian public bodies and state-owned enterprises, including at the technical and expert level. In particular, it has been decided to restrict with immediate effect access to EUROfusion computing infrastructure (HPC Marconi-Fusion, Gateway, JET Data Centre) by scientists based in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Rules and measures applicable in the case of Russian and Belarussian participants in Grants are also being developed. Pending their formal issuance, EUROfusion will exercise the outmost restrain in any contact with Russia and Belarus and will refrain from any initiative.

We realise that there are many scientists from Ukraine and Russia working at the various EUROfusion institutes. Our Ukrainian colleagues are of course extremely worried about what is happening in their country, and what is the fate of their families, colleagues and friends. Likewise our Russian colleagues are witnessing with shock the senseless actions of their president and the Russian army.

The measures mentioned above do not affect the work inside EUROfusion or that of people of Russian or Belarussian nationality working for EUROfusion’s 30 members and 150 affiliated entities throughout Europe. Within EUROfusion we continue to work together in the same respectful way we have always done. We look forward to discussing together with our Ukrainian colleagues all possible measures to sustain the re-launching of their science efforts after this horrible period will be over – hopefully as soon as possible.

Tony Donné – EUROfusion Programme Manager (CEO)

Ambrogio Fasoli – EUROfusion Chair

Sibylle Günter – EUROfusion Co-chair

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