Imagine imaging: from fusion to healthcare and more

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, you can never be too early. Early cancer diagnosis saves lives – few facts in medicine are as undisputable. So what if there could be a way to speed up the multiple steps of endoscopy, biopsy, lab tests and diagnosis before beginning treatment? What if endoscopy, diagnosis and tumour removal could be completed in a single procedure? Sounds like a pipedream? Not if you lend your ears to former fusion researcher Wouter Vijvers, founder and CEO of fusion spin-off Chromodynamics.

From ITER to cancer treatment

Cosylab, a spin-off from EUROfusion’s Slovenian Research Unit, the Jožef Stefan Institute, began its journey in 2001 after successfuly implementing a very complex control system for ANKA, die ‘Angströmquelle’ Karlsruhe. The group of seven physics students decided to plunge into the world of start-ups after the successful completion of the Karlsruhe project and Cosylab was born. Today it has become a leading partner for software engineering setting up infrastructures for complex machines worldwide.

What do fusion and food-packaging have in common?

“You know, you have this good idea on paper, but it needs practical proof”, says Philippe Guittienne. The physicist has founded his own company “Helyssen” as a spin-off from the Swiss Plasma Center in 2003. A medical application inspired him to re-think plasma sources. Today, his antenna might not only revolutionise food-packaging but also fusion plasmas.