JET defies Covid to post a record-breaking year

The last 12 months has seen scientists and engineers work around the clock to achieve high performance at Europe’s flagship fusion device, the Joint European Torus (JET) at Culham – despite the ongoing challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Expert panel approves next DEMO design phase

From 19 to 25 November 2020, an independent expert panel reviewed EUROfusion’s R&D and design work on DEMO, the future demonstration fusion power plant. EUROfusion welcomes the panel’s recommendations as it moves into the next step of its Roadmap to Fusion Energy: the conceptual design of DEMO together with the European fusion community and industry.

Small but fierce: SPARC

Fusion energy in a few years and at a fraction of the cost of ITER – the new SPARC concept of Commonwealth Fusion System (Massachusetts, US) seems too good to be true. How realistic is this compact fusion design, how will it impact the world of fusion and how does SPARC benefit from existing programmes? We talk to plasma physics expert professor Hartmut Zohm at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics for his expert insight.

EUROfusion joins Neutral Beam Test Facility

A new Cooperation Agreement between the international ITER fusion project, the Italian Consorzio RFX and EUROfusion will allow European researchers from eight countries to join the Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padua and work on the world’s largest plasma heating system.

Imagine imaging: from fusion to healthcare and more

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, you can never be too early. Early cancer diagnosis saves lives – few facts in medicine are as undisputable. So what if there could be a way to speed up the multiple steps of endoscopy, biopsy, lab tests and diagnosis before beginning treatment? What if endoscopy, diagnosis and tumour removal could be completed in a single procedure? Sounds like a pipedream? Not if you lend your ears to former fusion researcher Wouter Vijvers, founder and CEO of fusion spin-off Chromodynamics.

Navigating towards a future with fusion electricity

Just like the navigation system in your car assesses the traffic and road conditions, the Roadmap assesses the current fusion landscape and charts the fastest course to a world with fusion electricity. ~ EUROfusion Programme Manager, Tony Donné describing the European Roadmap to Realising Fusion Energy.

From ITER to cancer treatment

Cosylab, a spin-off from EUROfusion’s Slovenian Research Unit, the Jožef Stefan Institute, began its journey in 2001 after successfuly implementing a very complex control system for ANKA, die ‘Angströmquelle’ Karlsruhe. The group of seven physics students decided to plunge into the world of start-ups after the successful completion of the Karlsruhe project and Cosylab was born. Today it has become a leading partner for software engineering setting up infrastructures for complex machines worldwide.

What do fusion and food-packaging have in common?

“You know, you have this good idea on paper, but it needs practical proof”, says Philippe Guittienne. The physicist has founded his own company “Helyssen” as a spin-off from the Swiss Plasma Center in 2003. A medical application inspired him to re-think plasma sources. Today, his antenna might not only revolutionise food-packaging but also fusion plasmas.