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Calls for early-career grants 2023 opened

The calls for the EUROfusion Engineering Grants and the EUROfusion Bernard Bigot Researcher Grants have been opened, for projects to start in the first half of 2023.

Engineering grants for challenging technical areas

The EUROfusion Engineering Grants (EEG) are a scheme to attract excellent engineers and scientists with high engineering orientation to the EUROfusion work programme. The grants are awarded for a limited time and are set-up to allow independent project work, however, with a strong relation to EUROfusion work packages within the European fusion roadmap.

Eligible candidates ought to have completed a Master or PhD in Engineering, having graduated no longer than three years before the deadline of the call. If the education background differs, relevant engineering competence on an academic level should be explicitly demonstrated. Relevant professional experience may lengthen the period after graduation by a maximum of three years.

The action is set-up through calls for participation to the EUROfusion consortium members. The evaluation of submitted proposals is performed through a set of procedures to ensure transparency and excellence in the selected candidates and projects. Find all information on the calls and the procedure here:

The Bernard Bigot Researcher grants to promote excellence in research

To honour the contributions of Bernard Bigot to the European and international fusion endeavour, EUROfusion is thankful for for permission from Dr. Bigot’s family to rename our researcher grant scheme to the EUROfusion Bernard Bigot Researcher Grants (ERG).

The ERG programme aims to encourage excellence and career development of researchers who are already in the programme or to attract high quality candidates from outside the programme.

The ERG grants will be attributed at post-doctoral level or equivalent. They will cover the salaries of the selected candidates and part of the cost of their research activities and missions for a duration of up to two years. It is foreseen to award about ten grants per year.

Eligible candidates are researchers in possession of a PhD who have defended their doctoral thesis in the two years preceding the submission deadline of proposals for the call.

Find all information on the calls and the procedure here:

Both calls are open until 13 September 2022 and should be submitted via one of the EUROfusion consortium members (acting as employing institute).

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