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In Memoriam: Prof. Fernando Serra (1946 – 2023)

With profound sadness, we announce the passing of Professor Fernando Serra, a respected member and guiding force in the fusion research community.
Professor Fernando Serra. Photo courtesy of IPFN, used with permission.

His role was significant, his influence profound. His spirit of collaboration and friendship enhanced the character of our community.

As a prominent figure of the Association Euratom-IST, Fernando had an unwavering commitment to his work and a personality that left an enduring impression on us all. He exemplified calmness and kindness, becoming an embodiment of respect and appreciation. His absence leaves a void in our fusion community that will be deeply felt.

During these difficult times, our thoughts go out to Fernando’s family, friends, and colleagues. We share their sorrow, and the memories of Fernando’s exceptional character will continue to inspire us.


The EUROfusion Research Community


Bruno Gonçalves, the President of the Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear at the Instituto Superior Técnico, made the following statement about Professor Serra:

“On the mournful day of Thursday, 6th July 2023, our community at the Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear (IPFN) was deeply impacted by a significant loss. Our revered colleague, Professor Fernando Serra, tragically departed from us. Yet, beyond his professional accomplishments, he was more widely appreciated as a man of unparalleled kindness and affability. Though officially retired since 2010, Professor Serra remained a constant figure at IPFN, having last visited just a week before his passing. This heartbreaking moment compels us all to stand together in collective grief and extend our thoughts to his bereaved family and friends.”


Tony Donné, EUROfusion Programme Manager, shared:

“This is indeed sad news. I worked closely with Fernando in the 1990ies on microwave diagnostics for ITER. I always enjoyed the interactions with him. I also learned a lot from him. He was always calm he was also a true gentleman. I wish the IPFN colleagues and also Fernando’s family and friends strength to cope with this loss.”


Ambrogio Fasoli, Chair of the EUROfusion General Assembly, expressed:

“I am also saddened by the news of Fernando passing away. I did not know him very well, but I do remember his kindness. My sincere condolences to everybody who were close to him.”


William Morris, a friend and colleague, remembers him as:

“What very sad news. I have fond memories of Fernando, a most thoughtful and kind man, and a careful scientist.”


Finally, Duarte Borba, a long-time colleague, stated:

“I have the most profound admiration for Professor Fernando Serra. I met Fernando in 1988. I will miss our conversations about physics and football.”

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