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EUROfusion’s Strong Support for ITER and Clarification of Recent Misrepresentation

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We would like to address a recent article published in Spektrum, which contains misinterpretations and inaccuracies regarding the EUROfusion position on the ITER project. We acknowledge that these misunderstandings may have arisen due to the use of the term “decoupling” instead of “parallelization” when discussing the acceleration of our activities along our roadmap. Our aim is to provide clarity and ensure accurate information is presented to our audience.

At EUROfusion, we firmly stand behind the ITER project as a pivotal endeavour in advancing fusion energy research. ITER’s role in shaping the future energy mix is of paramount importance, and we are fully committed to supporting its objectives. Our collaboration with ITER extends beyond mere support; we actively engage in optimizing its research plan by conducting experimental research in our state-of-the-art fusion facilities, backed by rigorous simulations and modelling efforts.

To provide accurate context and address any misunderstandings, we want to clarify the position of Tony Donné, EUROfusion Programme Manager. Tony Donné has unequivocally expressed EUROfusion’s unwavering support for ITER and emphasized its continued significance as a central facility for European fusion research. He underscored EUROfusion’s commitment to leveraging lessons learned from ITER while accelerating the demonstration of electricity generation through the DEMO program.

We would like to further emphasize the importance of ITER in EUROfusion’s strategy. ITER remains the cornerstone on the path towards DEMO and a Fusion Power Plant (FPP). ITER’s contributions are invaluable in various areas:

  1. Lessons learned in designing, manufacturing and constructing a large fusion device, including the licensing process, logistics and supply chain development.
  2. Insights gained during assembly, which can inform the ongoing DEMO design process.
  3. Knowledge acquired during commissioning, vital for DEMO’s operational success.
  4. Advancements in scenario development and burning plasma physics, influencing DEMO’s operation and optimizing its performance.
  5. Findings from the Test Blanket Module (TBM) programme, providing crucial data on the performance of blanket modules in an integrated nuclear plasma environment.

It is important to note that these contributions from ITER strongly support four out of five key aspects of the EUROfusion strategy, thus reinforcing the vital role of ITER in our fusion roadmap.

We acknowledge the misrepresentation in the Spektrum article, which falsely attributes the belief that ITER is no longer necessary to Tony Donné. This claim contradicts Tony Donné’s actual statements, as clarified in his LinkedIn post. We assure you that EUROfusion continues to prioritize ITER and recognizes it as a vital facility in our pursuit of fusion energy advancements.

Should you have any further questions or require additional clarification, we welcome your engagement. Please reach out to us at

Thank you for your attention, and we appreciate your continued support as we work together to advance fusion energy for the betterment of humanity.

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