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EUROfusion on the UK’s Return to Horizon Europe

EUROfusion warmly acknowledges the UK's decision to re-engage with the Horizon Europe science research programme, highlighting a reinvigorated dedication to global scientific pursuits.
The Joint European Torus (JET) experimental fusion research device – a symbol of scientific collaboration between the UK and Europe. Photo by Christophe Roux, courtesy of EUROfusion.

While the UK has embraced Horizon Europe, they’ve chosen a different path regarding Euratom. Instead of rejoining, the UK will direct substantial funding, previously designated for Euratom, towards their domestic fusion energy objectives. This emphasizes their concentrated efforts in advancing fusion energy. As a result, the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) will receive augmented funding, positioning them for a deeper and more impactful collaboration with international partners including the EUROfusion framework. This enables the UKAEA to harness shared research facilities and resources, further driving progress in fusion research.

This strategic move enhances not only the EUROfusion programme and the UKAEA but also galvanizes the broader fusion research community. Our unified commitment to propelling fusion as a key sustainable energy solution is emboldened by this renewed partnership. We are eager to embark on this reinvigorated journey, confident in the collective strides we’ll make together.


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