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A Stepping Stone to Fusion’s Future: Introducing the 3rd EUROfusion deuterium-tritium Campaign at JET

The EUROfusion consortium announces the commencement of the pivotal third deuterium-tritium experimental campaign at the Joint European Torus (JET). Prof. Dr. Volker Naulin, Head of the Fusion Science Department at EUROfusion, elaborates on this landmark initiative in an introductory video on YouTube.

The Next Phase of Fusion Energy: EUROfusion DTE3 Campaign Launches at JET

The final tritium experiment at JET, this campaign epitomizes the culmination of joint efforts by researchers from EUROfusion consortium members across Europe. The critical experiments will utilize the potent fuel mix of deuterium and tritium, essential for next-gen devices like ITER, the European DEMO, and subsequent fusion power plants.

The campaign’s primary objectives are multifaceted: complete experiments started in 2021’s DTE2 campaign, advance scientific understanding in key areas, and employ a unique ‘stepping stone’ strategy that amalgamates insights from various medium-sized experimental devices across Europe. This approach is poised to significantly influence fusion research and its applications in power plants globally.

After a monumental 40-year journey, JET is set to conclude its scientific operations by the year’s end. Yet, its lasting legacy, bridging current experimental devices and future fusion power plants, will remain of central importance in the records of fusion research.

As the campaign progresses, we invite the global community to stay updated on these groundbreaking experiments and meet some of the talented individuals spearheading them through a planned series of videos and posts.

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