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“I will do all I can to support this!”

Women in Fusion is a global platform for highlighting and encouraging the role of women in the fusion field. Initiated by a collaboration of founding members including EUROfusion, WiF aims to collaborate with members and organizations around the world, inspire local Chapters, and ensure that women fusioneers around the world have a platform for support and community building.

Together with Shira Tabachnikoff, the Vice Chair in the Women in Fusion Steering Committee and Internal & Stakeholder Relations Manager at the ITER Organization, Pietro Barabaschi discusses such important questions as:

  • What challenges do women face in STEM and how to eliminate them?
  • What are the two main reasons for promoting equity, diversity and inclusion at the workplace?
  • What proactive measures can help women succeed in their career?
  • What is being done at ITER to support women and what are plans for the future?

“I really applaud this initiative – it is wonderful, and I will do all I can to support it,” said Pietro. ITER is one of the founders of Women in Fusion – there are two ITER members in the Steering Committee, and the platform is delighted to have support of the ITER Director-General: “we thank Pietro for the interview and hope to strengthen our collaboration in building inclusive and supportive environment for women building their career in fusion”, shares Shira Tabachnikoff.

Watch the Women in Fusion interview with ITER’s Pietro Barabaschi on YouTube. Credit: Women in Fusion

Become a member of the Women in Fusion platform and join the global network of fusioneers committed to seeking gender equity!

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