European researchers achieve fusion energy record

Explainer video about the JET record by EUROfusion programme manager Tony Donné: Landmark results from EUROfusion scientists and engineers at world-leading Joint European Torus (JET) facility in Oxford, UK Record-breaking 59 megajoules of sustained fusion energy demonstrates potential of fusion Results fully in line with predictions, strengthening the case for ITER Fusion energy can provide […]

Transferring fusion knowledge across generations

Experiments by EUROfusion researchers at the JET fusion device in the UK clear the way for successful fusion energy experiments at ITER in a decade. How do scientists preserve and pass on the knowledge and experience involved? And how do they feel about passing on the baton?

Making JET a technology test facility for ITER

The JET fusion device has seen major improvements to bring it as close as possible to the conditions expected in a future fusion power plant. Two JET experts take us through the upgrades and how they make JET into a technology test facility for ITER.

Malta joins the EUROfusion programme

EUROfusion was founded on the idea that realising fusion energy will take the best efforts of as many experts as we can include. And so it is with great pleasure that we welcome our new Consortium Member: the University of Malta!

How Switzerland and the UK stayed part of EUROfusion

Two of our members discovered that new political realities prevented them from directly joining EUROfusion under the EU new seven-year funding programme Horizon Europe. We spoke our UK and Swiss partners about how collaboration within the consortium has enabled them to continue as part of the European fusion programme nonetheless.