“A bet became unavoidable”

The terms of a wager between two prominent plasma physicists drawn on a napkin 34 years ago were fulfilled last week when Robert Goldston, a former director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, presented a plaque to his friend Jean Jacquinot, former director of the Joint European Torus (JET), EUROfusion’s flagship fusion experiment.

ITER achieves big vacuum vessel lift

The distance was short but the challenge daunting: on Thursday 5 May, the first section of the ITER plasma chamber was lifted 50 centimetres above its supports. What made this first-of-a-kind operation particularly delicate was the nature of the load (a 1,380-tonne, 18-metre-tall assembly) and the extreme precision its handling required.

EUROfusion condemns war in Ukraine and initiates measures

Following European Commission guidelines, EUROfusion implements restrictive measures and sanctions against organisations in Russia and Belarus. The European consortium for fusion research EUROfusion is shocked by the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Reports out of Ukraine show a ruthless war being perpetrated by an aggressive foreign power. At EUROfusion, we condemn these acts of […]

Technology Transfer Award 2022

As part of the efforts to promote the use of fusion technologies and know-how, Fusion for Energy and In Extenso Innovation Croissance have launched a contest to highlight and reward achieved or on-going projects which integrate fusion solutions in other applications. A €10,000 prize to reward the exploitation of a fusion technology in the market […]

F4E Technology Transfer Day

Open to European companies, this event aims at connecting fusion technology providers with industries with the ambition to create new products and services based on technologies developed within fusion projects. For one day, participants will have the opportunity to discover recent innovations developed for the ITER project during webinars and/or attend prescheduled B2B meetings. Informations […]

Support for our Ukrainian colleagues

Our thoughts are with all our Ukrainian colleagues, their families and friends. In the first place we strongly wish that you all remain safe under these frightening conditions, and in the second place we wish to keep collaborating with you in the framework of EUROfusion for the sake of the joint European mission to deliver […]